Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a note with 16 random truths (shortcomings, facts, habits or goals about you) about you. At the end choose 10 people, and tag them. Try to include the person that tagged you so they can come back and see your answers!

1. I am not such a loving and caring person, seriously last time... but now i am! lolz

2. I am having a really good family and friends who will always care for me.

3. My mom past away when i was 7

4. I wanna be someone that are useful and can make decision by my own.

5. I won't do things that will hurt my family.

6. OK i cut my friend's hair before.

7. I wanna know more about my self and doing things differently rite now.

8. I like to watch movie alone.

9. I like to sleep alone.

10. I wanna b a friend can count on and trust by my friends.

11. I am learning to give unconditional love to people around me.

12. I am a horny person too.

13. I wanna hang out with my friends often and go holiday with them.

14. I talk too much, and sometimes don't listen to other ppl.

15. I wanna b muscular.

16. I hate my eyebags.

finally i am done, this is my first tag thingy.

be strong on ur stand

One day u wake up and realize that, things that u having are not the same anymore,
what are u gonna do? simple when u wake up one day, u are all by ur own, u are alone without anyone beside u.
sometimes I will feel really tired, I've made a stand so strong, bt in the end it will juz
flew away like that, juz like wind. but i will never give up! things will change when u make a different I believe in this. the most important thing is u go 100%, and the return are really doesn't a matter to me.
time goes by every minute every second, but somehow i don't really realize, last time i dun really take time in my life seriously. Juz let it go like tat, but now everyday i am doing things differently, full of challenges.
My LP journey its already halfway to the end, until now I've already enrolled two of my best friends to join this coming basic. i am so happy at the moment when they got enroll, cuz i know no longer from now, they might facing the same things that i am facing rite now. So excited! the moment when i stood infront of them in their graduation, and say thank you to me, its the most precious things i've ever get. I know this might b the most difficult stand tat i've ever made, and in the middle i might faced many breakdowns, but once i think of the graduation and the thank you they gonna say, it will make me make this stand even stronger. In my tidy brain there are juz few words, which are I WANT THEM TO GO!!! friends juz listen here no matter what i won't give up on u guys... i'll support all of u!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

What is missing?

Wats the problem by sharing and expressing out the feeling? we cry because we are sad, we laugh when we are happy, thats human beings. What is the point by hiding our own feeling and suffer ourself.
Just let the damn image down from the face, and just be who u are.
human will never change, which is so true. But what can we do it's just realize it and make a different in our life.
There are many people out there, who are satisfied with their career, relationship or many other things, but there are still some people never satisfied with their life.
Its very simple just rate ur life from 1 to 10, how much will u rate ur life?
if u rated 8 so why don't u wanna reach 10? What is stopping us to reach there?
And once I asked this question to many people, they will said my life is good
I'm satisfied with it, happy by living in this life and doing the same thing all the time.
but honestly is that what u really wan, or maybe u are just too ego and self center, perhaps u do not want people to know ur weekness.
If i can make a stand in other people, i will definitely do it, and make stand in myself as well, to make the world a better place.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Today i am so happy and excited...i have done the most meaningful things in my life...HAHA
I buka puasa with the orphans, they are so adorable and cute...two of them asked me to carry them tiring, but anywhere it was fun and the first time that i get so close to the orphans kids...
beside that, I've heard a really bad news that 1 of my sis friend having a tumor in her brain. i was so sad, even though i juz knew her. in that moment, i think human life are so fragile, we will gone juz a moment of second. Like we read in the newspaper everyday, there are many accident out there. for example, juz these few days one man juz threw her wife down from the building and killed 2 of the females in the is hard to predict wat will happen in the y don't we stand still and do watever we wanna do in our life start form now. all of us out there, we have many goals and dreams, what have make us stop for goin further for it...all the fears, irresponsible, and many things more...that make us stop and tell ourselve that just forget abt it, we cant make it anywhere, all the excuses, no time, no money....but our life are short...why dont we just go and do it anywhere, and without any regrets in the future...
So from now onwards, i will do watever i thinks that is rite for me and no more excuses!!! I wanna live without regrets in my life...

Friday, September 19, 2008

many many things in my mind

2nite is the last nite in kampar for this semester...cuz after 2day i going back to kota kemuning for 3 months...dunno wat am i gonna do at there for three months...gonna work i guess..earn money and go for leadership thing that concern me is, i am so afraid that i cant enroll anyone...shit!!!but no matter wat i'll put my 100% on wat i've done in this final matter wats the results look like, but i've done my 100%, this is wat I know.
Besides that, i am glad that me and my hsemate vincent...has chat many many things 2nite...some sort of man talks...he shares many point of view. feelings. and experiences to me...although vincent u tell me that u are still holding back some of it...but i am still glad, cuz this the result that i create...ok maybe u are not understand wat this sentence means...HAHA! In the sense of age, u are younger than me, but the things u said and think are far more mature than me...shame on me...lolz
u tell me that, is hard to find a true friend, but dun be worry i am ur friend, support u always...sound so gay! lolz...but is true...this is wat i learnt in the training by using love and care will make this world looks better, meaningful and more colourful...
to all my friends i'll be there for u, no matter wat....i promise!!!faith brought us all together, there are no me!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Phew..wat a day!! the most toughest test on earth (management), is finally over...But still got 3 more papers to go...QT, accounting and microeconomic...but at least i no need to wake up in the middle of the night, to get things done, i mean get all the theories in to my tiny little brain...but for the previous two papers I've done my best on regrets...lolzz
today was my best friend Pua Yee Ying's birthday, guess wat, i've given her a most memorable unforgettable birthday... ok this is how the stories goes, first i called her i tell her that my car are down in the middle of the road, and ask to come see whether she can help me on or not...but wat I really glad are, she never give any excueses or said she is not free or wanna prepared for the exam...she juz said where are u? ok i come now...i can see to genuienest in her.... this is wat friends for... by ur side when u need them the most... and i hv written her a poem..HAHA...
this coming sunday are Moon Cake Festival, the moon shine upon so bright, all of the children playing candles and tanglung... makes me recall bek my past childhood... so happy and so pure...Last time, I dunnno wats the importand of being in the family when is in fesival, like this wan...but now i noe... family is one and only place u can be or seek for support when u the most.. they will never torn u apart... and make u down...
sis i noe u are sad because of somethings happen, but u must noe me will always by ur side support u and care for u...things will never always come in the right way, and it is unpredictable...u are the one who teach me wats the importand of family and friends...
u are the one who lead me the way...u are the best sis!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


wat a boring day in kota kemuning(My hse), so i decided to wrote a blog, since nothing better to do...HAHA.
Last nite, i went to my friend's basic, all the feeling suddenly juz came rite up, and I think of the time when I'm in basic, all of the friends...all hugging around, share the tears together. tat was so cool...LOL
I am goin for this coming advance traning, bt some of my basic friends are in leadership tat means i nid to make new friends and adapt to the new enviroment all over again. but i dun think that is a problem for me...=P i juz cant wait to go the advance, eventhough i nid to skip classes for this, bt juz no regrets...everyone out there always asked me the same question: wah! so expensive RM2800 for 1 training, y u still choose to go?then I'll answer them u will never noe how it feels, at least u really get into the training and feel it by urself. I always felt grateful because i am having such a good sis who introduce me to this training. thanks sis~~
ever since the basic my relationship with my stepmom gets better and better...we start to chat and sms each other...and with my dad, brother and sisters...feel so proud for myself..HAHA
BTW, finals are juz around the corner, i nid to be prepared, i need to meet my goals...and try my best on it...all the best to myself...u can do it!!!advance here I come...

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I juz ended my English class, hooo tat class was so boring..the lecturer named pritham( i think so) talking about graph in the lecture class for 1 and the half god terribly, sickly, horribly, dramatically bored. HAHA ;p and he gave us our english examination marks.. gosh i got such a low marks for this paper... swt!! my grammar really sux... nid to improve it by reading all the collection of Harry Potter books... but i dun think i'll make it..its as thick as a dictionary. finals coming soon, but still not feel like studying. help me!! Quatitative Techniques are killing me nicely and softly....sounds like a song title..HOHO...oh yea recently i am addicted to SDO, shit i nid to get rid of it asap... if not it will definitely affect my finals. oh btw, today is a big, huge, special day for china, beijing, because olympic starts 2day, hurray...china has prepared for so long for this day to here it is!!! Good Luck to All the contestant...especially Malaysia's...all the best...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Juz feel like writing...

Blogging is really a weird thing to me... I'll only write it when i feel like writing it, and I merely touch it when the mood is not there. haha... this is me! I do everything based on my mood, I am really a moody person, easily influenced by my mood. For example, yesterday i might said I will go back to KL the next day, but I will change my plan suddenly on the next day. Every time I telling myself to be responsible for what I've said, and keep mine words, but there are always many excuses in my mind, and making me to change my mind. Hey! wake up u have been in the basic, how can u be like old days, so irresponsible for wat have u said!!! After the training i've made a promise to myself, I must be open, honest and responsible for everything. But now I take back everything, and go back to my comfort zone. So tired of being like this, everyday just try to said something that is no true, to make my friends feel better. And all the ppl around me just saying sumthing to me make feel better as well. scare for being honest and genuine. So hard to being honest with them. I am not blaming them, I understand...that's no wrong by wearing a mask. What's wrong with that...everyone out there are wearing a mask. there are competition everyday, compete abt everthing... results, girlfriends/boyfriends, money, everything. y don't we just make a win win situation in everything? Rite compete is to improve urself, but must us compete in all sort of things, don't you feel tired by competiting everyday? wake up everyday, thinking of strategies, and thinking of how to win. I have enough of these... and wake up and wear the mask to faced everyone out there, smile at them...BUT THE SMILE ARE SO FAKE!!!! make friends with someone, but honestly trying to take advantages over them...y we need to live like this?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

my training....ASIA WORKS

raining day again...dunno wat happen to the weather...i am having QT mid term this weekend..shit i havent do any revision yet..and my maths are so so so bad...Dunno y 2day i felt abit weird...erm.. abit down maybe...i also dunno why? i think is because sometime I will felt like i am nobody...because i cant really mix well with my friends or even my housemate...cuz watever topic they are talking or discussing, i juz cant mix it in...hiah...and somemore my psp, dunno wat happen? Maybe is my hand to gatal go and update the now cant play games already...haih...need bring it to hospital ad...all of them when out for yumcha, left me here...they do ask me to go also...but i juz dont feel like not mood...think of the damn QT mid term and about my stress..because I need to go for and advanced training..and I affraid i might having test on that particular week...HOW??? i really wanna join this training, i cant wait to go already...i miss my training friends so much...there is the only place that i wont feel any distance between me and them...all of us is like being tight together by an invisible rope...i will not wearing any mask, all of us over there are so genuine, they will tell me wat is their feeling...and they wont hesitate or avoid by giving me any feedback...miss this kind of feeling so i cant wait to go...that time went all of us cry and hug each other together..the feeling are so fantastic...i cant say it out by using words...i want this feeling to remain always, i hope everyone can be like this...ASIA WORKS ROCKS!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008


weird...suddenly felt home sick pulak...dunno y....beside home sick i also felt missing my friends at kk so much...those memories tat we made matter tat is happy or sad we past it 2gether...we share all the happiness and sadness together.. when u are in trouble they will lend their helping hands to u....start to think back all the things tat they do for us...wat a friend mean...wat are u doin when they are having problems and when they need ur help...will u be there no matter wat?to all my best friends out there....yee ying, xing ying, shi yan, chuin yoong, jin shan, wei kiang...i appreciate u guys so much.. i make sure no matter wat i will be there when u guys are in trouble or when u guys nid share watever u guys wanna share to me....i committed to all of u...friends are priceless we cant buy it with money or anything lead them and bring everything good to them...friends i love all of u....

Sunday, May 4, 2008

yee ying u are the best driver ever..

wow!! finally i updated my blog... its like years tat i last updated my blog...LOLX.. cuz its kinda busy last few weeks... exams, assignment, and bla bla...everything come together...busy until i cant do anything else... but now i'm damn free, cuz i am having my sweet semester break for 4 weeks, while all of my friends still nid to get their asses back to college and university...but i'll juz stay at home doin nth...wat to do...sem break ma...lolx
last 2 days, a miracle happen to me...this is how the story begins...i woke up early in the morning...because i nid to rush bek to kampar and follow my best friends' car bek to KL....and her name was yee first i was abit worried...lolx sorry yee ying...cuz she is still a beginner like me...although her skills are better than me...i am praising u, yee ying....ok so we start our journey around 12.30pm...along the journey, my responsibility was keeping her i nid to kept talking and talking...damn tired....ok finally we reached KL around 3pm(roughly) we were so happy..then who knows my lovely friend go to the wrong obviously we are lost in the middle of nowhere...i am not blaming u yy...i am juz telling everyone...lolx helping u to increase ur she called her dad to lead us the way home..and at least i reached home safely...thank god....but tat's around 4 sumthing..lolx
so as the conclusion, yee ying u are really a pass driver than me....lolx and i'll still followed ur car next time and still keep holding on my part which is keep talking and talking....

Thursday, March 27, 2008


2nite was a special day for me, because after 2day i will getting older.... 18 goin to 19...lolx...
19 man... 2 more hours from now... 19 come to papa!! 18 years old are really such a meaningful year for me, first year i am legal in drinking beer, went to university, leave all my family members and friends at kk(kinda miss them now)... this is not the first time i celebrating my birthday outside or not with my family and friends... actually this year might be the second year i celebrating like this... first time was when i'm in NS camp.. bt luckily i meet some friends and they celebrating my birthday with nice and touch, they celebrate my birthday with me, although i juz know them in the camp... the past few years, i did get birthday cake in my every birthday my dad will always give me money... but he will never noe what i really wan... i duwan those artificial paper making money in my birthday,can u pls juz say happy birthday or juz buy a cake for me.. tats wat i really wan dad...
HIAH... bt luckily i still got a bunch of gud friends... they will celebrate my birthday with me every year... thanks guys!!! i really mean it.. bt this year i cant celebrate my birthday with them... oh yea still got 1 of my good friend is here with me...Pua Yee Ying is u...lolx..suprise
lastly, i would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to myself.....

Saturday, March 15, 2008


wat a lonely nite again....listening love songs all alone...i hate the feeling of being lonely so much.

hope all of the love songs will "shoo" my loneliness away...but it ends up to be opposite...the loneliness still remain and be deeper and it makes me barely breath... mid term is juz around the corner.. but i dun think i've done the preparation.. the mood is jz not there... i cant study at all... i cant remember a single thing, although i study.. shit!!!

2nite i think of sumthing really stupid which is "what is love"? it is a complicated and fussy stuff? in my eyes love is a connection that involved a man and a woman, how complicated could it be... bt if they are really love each other, y do they nid to broke up? sumone guy or gurl will said he/she cheating on me, he/she got other guy/gurl outside, or i dun think i love he/she anymore... wat the heck... trust is the most importance substance in a relationship...agree? i understand words are always easier to describe but when u really faced it is really totally different... LOVE.. i never dare to love sumone b4... because i scare the feeling of being hurt... but one of my friend say u wil never noe if u never try it... or maybe i am juz too scare... or maybe i hv been through sumthing that really make me lose confident in love...

hope next time i will really hv the courage to try...ok tats all for 2nite

Monday, March 10, 2008


heloo!!! 5 days never update my blog ad...cuz very busy last few days and plus dunno wat to write. i am in half dead situation now, finance mid term falls on the day after 2molo...shit!! i dunno how am i goin to handle it...hope i can did well in this mid term... all the calcultion in this sub makes me crazy... but wat to do, i am having this sub at this sem, so forced to improved it and i'll use my brain often..
i dunno why last few weeks i am so unfortunate, firstly i falls down from a motorcycle, then i had an accident, after that growing of my so called wisdom tooth(painful) and fever for 2 days, then i lost my specs at the waterfall, lastly i am totally broke now....haih... i wanna change my luck... wat should i do? go bye bye(in cantonese) or make a wish at the shooting star(i cant ever c a star nowadays)...lolx
my birthday coming... hope my luck will turn better after my birthday... good luck forever....HAHA!!! this is not greedy bt a dream.... election NB lost almost half of the states... bt dun give up yet... although i dunno whether i'll support u anot in the future...HAHA!!! ROCKET WIN... i am not feeling happy juz dunno wat feeling should i give....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


wat should i start in this blog....oh! 2day i woke up onli realize tat i got no clean clothes to wear..lolz wat the heck.. i was so nervous...wat can i do..i find every part in my room, my cupboard, under my bed(jk), my bag... luckily there are some clean clothes in my bag... so i went to my campus happily.... 2day i only 1 hour lecture, Ms chong sumore...she is like... dunno how to speak english...OMG..she is teaching me cost accounting..i hope tat she teach me sumthing else tats not involve in english language, bt tats totally definitely absolutely impossible... because everything in university are in english...oh me pls..i nid to face her and listen to her alien languages for 7 weeks...CRAP..
after the class, i went to hv lunch with tien yi and sin lu...they were talking bra infront of me... wat can i say, cuz i dunno anything abt bra...HAHA!!! then after all the bra conversation is over... we plan to go waterfall dis cuming thursday or friday...cuz is too boring staying at home and facing the comp for the whole day...then after tat i went home...sitting on the chair and thinking of where did all my money gone...think until i felt so sleepy...then i went to sleep for 2 hours...lolx so i hv proven tat when u thinking something tats really hard to ur mind u will feel sleepy...HAHA...
after that, i went to pasar malam with my we didnt buy anything...felt regret by going there without buying anything...then we went home, watch crap and then laugh like hell.... then the most important thing is i wash my clothes at my friends' hse...gud!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

tired tired....^.^

Again a rainy day, wat happen to the weather...ok fine!! luckily i never wash my clothes 2day... 2day was really tiring for me, cuz me and vincent have accompany 3 ladies to ipoh for 1 day trip..wah we went to the 2 shopping center in ipoh, which are Jusco and Ipoh Parade...the only shopping center in ipoh..WTF.. Compared to KL there are much more smaller and the cinema was this coming election i really hope that the person whoever in charge the ipoh area can build another shopping center like pyramid or 1 Utama..i miss them so much...if he really did that i guarantee he sure win in this me...
1 of the lovely lady is the one who asked us go Ipoh, but end up she didn't buy anything...sometimes i really don't understand girls tought...haihz....tell u guys wat, we walk home from kampar old town the our lovely house, it was like dunno how many kilometers away..this is wat happen when u are following ladies who wanna keep fit...lolz...beware...i go out at 2pm reach home around in the end no regret...

Thursday, February 28, 2008


2day its still a rainy day, kinda a cold at nite....its' indirectly reflected me deeply in my heart, my heart felt cold as well... i got no idea y this will happen..maybe i am having a heart disease..lolx

did u guys out there ever believe in fairy tales, or all of u think that there are no fairy tales existed in this world... for example when a prince and princess met each other then get married and live happily ever after... how ridiculous can it be....i dun think this dumb thing will ever happend in this earth...

why such will not ever exist in this world, maybe human are greedy, we always want more than we expect in our live..dun u think so? when we get a good wife or husband, then when we met sumone better than he or she, we may wanna grab sumtimes some circumstances or consequences juz wont let us do tat, because we still nid to be responsible for watever we do in our precious lifetime. everyday, every moment, every second somethings are happening around us, so always bare in mind we nid to live for ourself not leaving for others...we are who we are...make things or dreams come true in our life and learn how to create possibility in our life....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

who will ever help me....

feel so helpless....

2day was a rainy day...i think maybe the clouds are crying for me too...i slept pretty well last nite, bt i aspected that i couldn't sleep for the whole nite, because of the incident tat i go thru last nite, those pictures abt the accident juz keep appearing in my mind like some sort of movie are playing in my mind. i wanted to stop it, bt i cant, the more u think the more pictures are coming out in car was badly damaged, and hv been sent to the workshop. sometimes i'll think back everything tat i hv been go thru, nothing will be completely successful in the end. it's because tat i am too stupid or am i a freak that cant even do a thing in a successfull way, i duwan to let those ppl who care abt me to worry abt me. i wanna show them tat i can do it by myself. bt i dunno y those bad things like to appear infront of me, and sumtimes i dun even noe how to slove it. i am so afraid to go to campus 2day, because i scared those ppl there will laugh at me, laugh at me because i am totally a dumb freak, and dun even noe how drive. i feel so wat to do life need to keep goin like usual. so keep goin, I'll make it rite in one day, i believe in tat...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


WAT!!!2day is the scariest day in my life, OMG I juz faced an accident.I crash with a motorcycle.How can this ever happen to me?In that time i was so terrified and my brain was empty,I duno wat to do...the first person tat i thought of was my dad.I really wished he was here and settle everything for me.because i am juz 19 years old, and this is the first time i faced this kind of prob. 5 minutes later, all the ppl were surrounding me, telling me wat to do, bt i cant find a person that i know, all of them seem like a stranger to me. I am still in P license, i am afraid tat my license will be "gantung" by the traffic police. i called my best friend yee ying for 3 times, bt she never answered the call. in order to make my heart beat go slower i call my hsemate, Alan. luckily he did answer the phone call, when i c him and keat soon reach to the accident scene, i feel like "oh finally sumone i know is here". after tat, yee ying called me, and i tell everything to her, she rush to the accident scene. when i saw her, the first thing i do was run up to her and hold her hand tightly, because she was one of my best friend in kampar that i know her since form 2, we were best friends for 6 years until now. after that i went to the police station to report the accident and tell the police wat takes me for about 1 and half hour, and luckily the motorcyclist was fine, juz some small injuries on his leg. then at last i received a RM 300 saman, i still having my P license.*phew* i sure gonna be the most famous person in UTAR now.But i duwan to b the famous person in this way. it's so embarassing, how am i goin to faced those ppl in UTAR. OH MY me....i really hope i could turn back time, so everything wont gonna happen. But everything is over, i will juz take this as an experience. i'll drive safely next time. T.T

Sunday, February 24, 2008

bye bye holidays!!

tonite might be the longest nite to me...because it's the last day of my sem break, which means i nid to get my ass bek to campus tomorrow..wat the heck...and my class is in 9am in the morning...*sigh* nid to wake up so early, it's 1 of the hardest thing for me..n the damn ulcer in my mouth are killing...i wonder when it will recover,and no nid to eat porridge anymore...and i nid to drink herbal tea everyday...lolx *bitter* i goin to face 2 most tough subject next sem (for me only) financial and cost accounting...wat can i say, my brain will not fuctioning well when i'm facing with those numbers and equation...and sumore it's only 7 weeks, mid term falls on
week 5, kill me man....whoever out there know how to cure this kind of sickness pls kindly contact me..should i sleep now bt i'm not sleepy yet...wat can i do?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

my first time....

HEY!!dun think anything bad abt my title k...lolx..i put this title is because this is my first time writting a blog...last time i used to laugh at my friends by wasting their time writting a blog...XD bt wat i think last time was totally wrong..

skol starts 2molo..wat to do..should i juz feel happy,excited,or sad...i starting to miss my family and friends at kk..sometime i'll asked myself it's a brilliant decision by choosing UTAR and nid to leave my friends and family members apart...tats like so far from them...when i saw them, a weird feeling juz appear nowhere in my body,those juz cant describe by using a single word...or maybe i juz to afraid to be alone, i hate the feeling of loneliness, when i nid someone to support or help me thru sumthing, i always hope there are sumone by my side.. but from now on i nid to be independent cuz i'm a guy...i cant juz depend on ppl or friends..nid to get used how to spent my precious time when i'm last i still nid to say i mizz u guys so much..there are no distance between all of us...u guys will always in my heart....