Sunday, August 17, 2008


wat a boring day in kota kemuning(My hse), so i decided to wrote a blog, since nothing better to do...HAHA.
Last nite, i went to my friend's basic, all the feeling suddenly juz came rite up, and I think of the time when I'm in basic, all of the friends...all hugging around, share the tears together. tat was so cool...LOL
I am goin for this coming advance traning, bt some of my basic friends are in leadership tat means i nid to make new friends and adapt to the new enviroment all over again. but i dun think that is a problem for me...=P i juz cant wait to go the advance, eventhough i nid to skip classes for this, bt juz no regrets...everyone out there always asked me the same question: wah! so expensive RM2800 for 1 training, y u still choose to go?then I'll answer them u will never noe how it feels, at least u really get into the training and feel it by urself. I always felt grateful because i am having such a good sis who introduce me to this training. thanks sis~~
ever since the basic my relationship with my stepmom gets better and better...we start to chat and sms each other...and with my dad, brother and sisters...feel so proud for myself..HAHA
BTW, finals are juz around the corner, i nid to be prepared, i need to meet my goals...and try my best on it...all the best to myself...u can do it!!!advance here I come...

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I juz ended my English class, hooo tat class was so boring..the lecturer named pritham( i think so) talking about graph in the lecture class for 1 and the half god terribly, sickly, horribly, dramatically bored. HAHA ;p and he gave us our english examination marks.. gosh i got such a low marks for this paper... swt!! my grammar really sux... nid to improve it by reading all the collection of Harry Potter books... but i dun think i'll make it..its as thick as a dictionary. finals coming soon, but still not feel like studying. help me!! Quatitative Techniques are killing me nicely and softly....sounds like a song title..HOHO...oh yea recently i am addicted to SDO, shit i nid to get rid of it asap... if not it will definitely affect my finals. oh btw, today is a big, huge, special day for china, beijing, because olympic starts 2day, hurray...china has prepared for so long for this day to here it is!!! Good Luck to All the contestant...especially Malaysia's...all the best...