Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Xmas everyone!!!

I guess this blog has been freezing out too long.. lolx...
cuz i am too lazy to update my blog I guess... bt tonight I juz feel like updating it, since I am bored, and i am alone in the living room...lolx...
listening to songs and tell u guys wat i even heard my grandpa snoring too, hehe...looking my grandparents getting older and older each day, i really hope that the time can able to stop, and dun make them get older anymore, bt i know this will never happen, and the day will come someday, i knew it! Once the day came, I guess I juz nid to learn to accept it, and take it no matter wat and tell myself that is a human growing process! In order to not make myself regret I will LOVE them EVERYDAY! Make them feel proud to hv me as their grandchild! FAMILY IS MY EVERYTHING!!!
Today is not juz christmas eve, bt it is also my dad's birthday! Yes, u are rite my dad's birthday fall on christmas my relatives and my lovely grandparents are here to celebrate his birthday wit him... we had dinner at Vgarden which located in Klang..the dishes there were nice n tasty... no wonder it cost so expensive... XD Alright happy birthday my lovely daddy!!! and Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

silent nite ='(

is a totally silent and cold nite...
i juz got the news that 3 Utarians have found drowned in the waterfall..
Juz realized that actually i noe 2 of them...
I hv talked to them b4...
its really sad to heard that, they juz gone like tat forever...
bt anyway life is like tat, it is so unpredictable..
u will never noe wat will happen next...
so everyone live ur life to the fullnest everyday...

in the end RIP james, Yew Shy Gin, and Yew Ghim Chnieh
hope u guys will surrounded by angels all the time...
u guys will always be remembered...

Friday, October 2, 2009

what I've done...

alright... i would like to update my blog by listening to the new CDs that i hv bought yesterday...
CD named Jim Brickman Piano and Friends.... it has many songs that played in piano, like its name "piano and friends" if not... DUH...

Yesterday i hv done sumthing dumb... guess wat? i went for movie alone... wahaha...and I've picked the comedy called "G-Force" its the stories about three guinea pigs... and being some kind of secret agents and nid to complete a task somthing like tat... OK y i will suddenly went for a movie alone, is because i hv nothing to do that day, surfing net all day long, so there is a thought juz pop up, like y dun i go for a movie.. lolzzz
As wat ppl said dun wait and juz do it.. so i go check the movie time and things like tat, and ready to go... wohoo
then i went in for the movie in 3.30pm at bukit tinggi JUSCO and it ended around 5 sumthing i guess.. then i went shopping in popular bookstore and bought my beloved friend yee ying a birthday present,
right i've bought her a book, if not wat will i got in a bookstore? =) hehe then i bought these CDs too... after all i never forgot my dinner, i bought some sushi home... it was really delicious..
went home 6.05 and reached home around 6.25pm.. and i washed my room's toilet..
then watched movie again in PPS.. thats my day..wahaha
interesting and exciting har...XD

can't wait to go out with my friends... every friends... close friends, best friends, buddies, LP friends...


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the recent act and thoughts ...

Finals have finally come to an end... two more to go...
This blog has been abandon for so long, because the owner doesn't
wan to write or maybe lazy to update..
Hmm.. busy studying i guess... i hv made a commitment to myself and my sister
too... and now i am on my way to achieving it..=p

Only now i realized, i hv never receive my dad's calls for couple of weeks,
as i think bek my dad will call me twice a week, by asking my how am I, Wat am I doin?
but now is like so long.. i guess I nid to call him..
Maybe he is too busy, yea rite he is too busy...
wat can i said is:
daddy is time to relax, u hv been that busy for so long,
for non stop, I noe that u are going to reach the age of 55 very soon...
and i noe that u are very stress and tension recently,
I hv seen u growing thinner and thinner recently...
on the other hand, older and older too..
besides that, I know that there are many things happen rencently,
really hope i can sumthing to solve it and make it better,
but all these is not under me and jie territory...
nobody can handle it but u...

ok i guess I need to seriously take a nap now..
I slept at 3 last nite and wake up 7 in the morning...
totally exhausted...

continue fighting... until the very last!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I am preparing for my mid term, which falls on this coming mon... but i dunno y, I juz can't concentrate. And in middle of nowhere, this word came into my mind "TIME"
All of us noe wat is time, masa in malay, 时间 in chinese. Time wait for nobody, time pass really fast. The time start counted once we came to these world, the innocent little face, we dunno anything, but the time has already started.
i was thinking do I really live my every second to the fullest? every second goes like a blink, from the innocent little faces, we grown up, we went to the primary school, secondary, college, university, get married, have a family and so on... sumtimes really hope to turn back time, get back to the old times... but as a human being life goes on... time goes on... every second every minute. it would stop when u ask it to...
but after all, time is the most precious thing in our life...
time can heal anything,
time can let u be tougher,
time can let u learnt,
time will let u stand up once again,

Monday, June 8, 2009

letter for my mom!! (delivered)

To: my lovely mother in heaven

This morning i woke up with a smile... everyone must b curious y am I smiling once i woke in the morning..its not because of the sufficient sleep that i got, its not because of the weather were nice, its because i dreamt abt you last night.. it was so long u had never appeared in my dream mother, but finally u got into my dream once again last night, I still remember that we chat and talked in dream like wat u normally do with me and giving a mother dialog to me.. Mummy u are still the same, there are no changes in you in my dream, with a pair of big eyes, short black sliky hair that u have, warm hands... I miss all these so much, thanks for letting me recalled it back agian...
once i woke up I do not know when am I gonna dream about u again... I hope that it will not take that long for u to get into my dream again... its almost 13 years for now.. i do miss you alot.. but i hv already let go and i knew that u must b surrounded by angels all day long, how does really feel like? but one thing I will not forgot the smile that appear in ur face, when i am down... sometimes i barely remember the tone or the eyes u hv... but once again u make me recalled it back.. is just feel like u are still with me all the time, and i know ur eyes will always stayed at me and jie...cuz u love us so much...
sometimes i really nid to showed gratitutes to the god, he takes my mom but still left a very good sister and dad for me... and I do learnt many things in these couples of years, so dun worry mummy! we are totally doing fine here...
hope u are doing fine there too, but i noe u will...
it was so nice got to c u again after so many years, but no doubt u are the best mom after all....

From: ur lovely son

Monday, May 25, 2009

My sem break...

everyone are asking when am I gonna update my bloody blog... since i am so free rite now, so i'll do it rite now, at this time, this place, this day... XD
These is the last week of my sem break, going bek to kampar this coming sunday... hehe
This time I've used my sem break quite wisely...lolz why did I said so? because for the first week of my sem break i went to a motivation camp which located at semenyih named Borga i think...hehe
Me and University friends has spent 3 days 2 nights there... the games there were not bad, I hv the chance to play flying fox again, I've tried once when i am in NS.. bt this time was higher compared to the NS flying fox, my legs were shaking once I reached the top...lolz
and after that, I've tried the high rope, this part were killing me the most.. cuz I nid crossed many trees with some ropes on it... that was a disaster for me... but I've made it till the end...lolz
And once again the feeling is bek, team spirit and work together, I miss this feelings so much, and at the second i think of my LP... how we pass thru all the obstacles together and work together until the end...
And I've went out with my friends, it was so fun and happy going out with u guys...lolzz
especially spending a lunch with mok, evvone and johnathan... it was a funniest day I've ever had...lolzz besides that went karoake with penny, wendy it was really fun...talking non stop...
And I've went to my first friend's wedding dinner, once again congratulation to Irene and Sam.. wish both of u live happily ever after...
last night I went bek to AW, for the torch passing, I've never been there once i finished my LP, bt last night I went bek it was a different feeling inside me... went bek to the day when my LP are doing the torch passing... what happened that day are still clear stated in my mind...
My results are goin to release tomorrow, i am so nervous and scare... but I keep telling myself I've done my very best in the examination with no regrets... so wish me luck..hehe
Goin to murni with my friends tomorrow, I wonder y we like murni so much...lolz
then goin to nuizhesui on fri... whoo hoo!!!
C ya! Chaozz

Monday, May 4, 2009

memorable concert!!

Final exams started last week, but tell u wat, i still have time for concert.. =P actually I got the news that Lee Hom are going to have a concert in Malaysia, and then I thinked for a while, then on that time yi ching are sitting next to me, then i asked her: Eh u wanna go for lee hom concert anot? and she replied: ok wo, let me ask Aaron c whether he wanna go anot? then this conversations, give us an intention to watched his concert on 2nd May 2009... in halfway on the exams... lolz
so on saturday morning, i fetch them down to KL wit my little kancil..hehe... all the way we listening to lee hom songs.. and start to learnt his songs, for the little preparation b4 concert...HAHA only then i realized that i am not so his fan, some songs i dun even noe wats the song title... SWT... we reach KL quite early, then i brought them to my hse, shower and have lunch at macdonald near my hse..
Then after the lunch we start our journey to Asia Jaya, waiting for my buddy and Johnathan to arrived, because he is gonna fetched us to Bukit Jalil... the concert starts at 8pm, bt we reach Bukit Jalil 6 sumthing i think.. then we walked around... and cuz johnathan and some of my friends havent take thier so called lunch, and they start to searching for foods..lolz
After that, we went in to the stadium, and waiting lee hom to appeared on the stage... we sitted quite far from the stage, luckily there are having 3 big we can watched the screen, juz like how the ppl sitting at the mamak and watching football match at the big white screen, but the different are we were watching concert not match...
Then 8pm, lee hom are not on the stage yet, me and aaron start to asking for refund..LOLz
finally the stage gone dark and the lights has turn off, OMG someone are appearing on the stage, everyone were screming LEE HOM LEE HOM!!! but mana tau danell lee was standing there, and start to sing...lolz I was thinking did i get in to the wrong concert... wahahaha
then after the his song another gurl on the stage again, and sing LALALA... BLA BLA
sharp 8.30pm lee hom finally appeared on the stage, his start the opening with 摇滚怎么了!! the environment are not hot yet... still abit cold, hehe... the second song onwards, all of us start to sing and scream... the concert was great and actually Lee Hom is a quite funny person..and he has a sense of humor too..lolz
At last but not least, his guitar was killing me man... it was so so so so gorgeous and special and yeng and geng and as handsome as him... lolz the songs arrangment was great, unbeatable... but juz it is too short, 2 and half hour only... but overall was great and memorable...

Friday, March 27, 2009

my birthday!!

Hey everyone... today is a very special day of me and my sister FOO POOI LENG.. cuz today is our birthday 28 march! and it is also the memorable birthday i ever had in my life... let's begin the story on 21 of march... on that day my lovely LPs asked for a makan makan gathering in TGI fridays!! i was so excited, because it is quite some times i never met them.. but they were still so loving and caring...especially my sayang - DIANE!! hehe!! sorry guys i was late that night!! and guess wat i saw my buddy, still that cute and loving... WENDY NG!! love ya!! after we finished our delicious meals... that the TGI staffs asked the march babies to satnd on the chair... and so we do!! wait let me tell all of u who is the march babies..hehe 1. wendy lee the charming lady 2. jonathan the lovely man i've ever met 3. sylvie the small bt strong lady 4. ken loo the torch receiver in LP121 5. wendy ng the drama queen bt the cutest in LP121 6. kelvin is me.. no special description!! and the instructions were ladies are gonna sing and the guys will nid to dance.. we do hv a great time there.. later they bring out the cupcakes... and it written MARCH BABIES on it... hehe it was delicious thanks guys!!! then this was my first celebration!!
Then on 26 of march... my beloved classmates had made me a party in my hse...lolz!!! it was fun all of us sit together and chit chatting... waiting for the rite time to come... and it was the time.. and they trun off my lights and start singing birthday song, i was stun and i sing along!! after the singing sessios, they start to poke the candle as deep as possible into the cake, i know wat is gonna happen... my face will definitely end on the cake.. haha.. it does! great my face was full of cream... but it was happy!! =p thanks guys i appreciate it!! and one more thing i've received my frist condom gift in my life... thanks pearly!! u are so lovely and considerate!! and this was my second celebration!
and in the same date bt slighty late, my lovely hsemates and my best friend yee ying, tien yi and wei yung, celebrate with me in GHANY!! OH god my stomach was so full with cakes.. =P but i love it... and i recieved my second condom gift.. great guys!! i hv plenty of it rite now, so no nid to worried abt me... lolz!! we chit chatting and talking bad abt someone, i bet u guys who is it!! HAHA... and this was my third birthday celebration!! and i like the mint cake anywhere, it was special!!

alright i think it should come to an end with this, it was last nite i am watching horror movie in my room, then suddenly i heard someone knocking on my door, and i opened it... PUA YEE YING appear infront of my room, with allen and ken.. yee ying was holding a slide of cake with a candle on it... i was so shocked.. cuz i didn't aspect it!! thanks yee ying, love you!! best friend ever!! lolz...
and this time it was a shirt not a condom as present.. thanks i love it so much!!
and i would gonna celebrate with my sister and grandpa tonight... n i want to give my sister a memorable birthday too... chaozz
LASTLY, i would like to thank all of u!! i really appreciate it... i would like to give credits to the whole LP 121, my T7 classmates, my hsemates and my best friendsss!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


it's been quite some times i never update my is so busy recently...with all my assingments, tests and presentation. I am having a test tomorrow, Information System so called IS...luckily is all in objectives. I've settle two assignments, one more to go.. and the due date are this coming friday..
It has so many things need to be settle. until now i am still practicing 100% is possible, 100% of the time.. I wanna go back to KL, to buy a new phone..cuz my phone cacat ad... once someone call in, it will run out of battery. stupid phone! but i like this phone so much... it is nokia 6288.. I bought it 2 years ago... it is such a nice phone tat time, 2 megapixels, the sounds were nice and clear..but why, why, why??? monday is public holiday... wat should I do? I nid to plan sumthing on.. to avoid the boringness.... HAHA!!
MISSING MY FRIENDS AND LPs so much... I am goin bek guys... wait me on 21 of march!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

replied from my dad!

Child of mine

it's been so gratifying,
for me to see you
go through such a positive changes
and inner growth.
Your hapiness is contagious,
and I'm so happy for you...
to see you becoming
a strong individual
and doing all the right things
to make your days ahead
shine ever brighter.

It's been great for me
to watch you grow
and to become
even more of that sepcial someone
you are...inside...

Through your growing and changing,
I wanna to ask that you
take me along with you.
I don't mean that I want you
to tell me every thought
you have along the way,
but to remember that I am here...
wherever and whenever you need me.
And I hope that you'll remember
that I'm on your side.
And even if I can't always help you win,
there will never be a day
when I won't be cheering you on.

Friday, February 6, 2009

touch my body

1. Put your iTunes/Napster/Zune Player/WinAmp/etc on shuffle.

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.


4. Tag 10 or more friends who might enjoy doing this as well as the person you got it from.

I can make it through the rain. wat the hell, i am so not gonna stand in the rain
i will sick ok..

What about now, i think it means i like her in this conditions..lolz

If I were a boy, shit i am a boy... HAHA

那些女孩教我的事, erm... i dunno wat it means

小酒窝, yea because I hving it...HAHA

你不是真正的快乐, mayb last time i am like tat, but now i am 真正的快乐.

男人KTV, sorry i dun get this... my parents are like a KTV?

彩虹, wah so colorful...

WHAT IS 2+2?
心跳, heartbeat....

my best friends are LAGENDA, so true they are lagend to them so much

For the First time, i love her for the very first time, bt...

beauty and the beast, my life its like a fairy tales

For You I will, I wanna b a person to contribute, so wat u ask me,

Here I Am, telling them that i am here...LOLZ

hero ( mariah Carey) i am always a hero in his eyes...
thanks dad...

superman (ronan keating), i am goin to fly in my wedding?
not bad though...

完全因你, yea its me, its me, i hv make a stand a change in my life....

永远的彩虹, my hobby its like a rainbows always different and colorful...

爱回家, yea maybe for some of them... keat soon =)
Home (westlife) ??? dun get it..

bye bye (mariah carey), die of course said bye bye la...

helpless when she smiles, no comment

Love me For a reason, so funny, cuz love no nid to have any reason... true?

i am yours, yea i will cry when i am urs...

leaving ( jesse mcCartney), i will run away...LOLz

第二天堂, i wanna go to the first wan...

你最近好吗 (SHE)

理智与感情, speechless

when u look me in the eyes, i dun think that will hurt me, besides i like it...

Touch My Body, so horny...HAHA

finally, thanks to vincent!!

i want to tag sumbody
1. Keat soon
2. yee ying
3. diane
4. wendy
5. peik shuang
6. ewe jin
7. beii
8. mica
9. slyvie
10. jialiin

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

missing all of u...

To: LP121

its a weird day waking up without any messages and miss called...
from now on, has already come to an end....
i start to miss them...
how are they? are they doing fine? are they having a great day?
but whatever it is team mates u always have my support...
thanks for being my side all this while...
giving me support and all the care...
eventhough it is just 3 months time, but we faced all the challenges together...
we share our laughter and tears together...
and never give up.... do it whatever it takes...
no matter how tough it is, we go thru every steps together...
guys i miss all of u...
although i am far apart with u guys there, me Kelvin Foo will always be there when
anyone of u needed me...
i will never forget the moments that we have been together....

kelvin foo

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

my dream come true!!!

Today i would like to write about things happened few days ago...happen in the last Saturday..
this morning i woke around 11 sumthing... my younger sister knock on my door, and ask me to wake up. I said:"Stop knocking already, i am coming." once i get out from the room, my dad, my stepmom and my siblings are all preparing to go for shopping in mid valley, and besides that cuz i am going to perform piano there. "YEAH" Claps hands...
when i am young, I have this very small ambition to be a pianist, but because of mine family problem, I have no chance to learn piano when i am young. So since now i am in a training called leadership program.. I have this chance to play a song by using piano in the shopping mall which is surrounded by many ppl there, my parents, friends... At first i was very nervous, my plams are sweating...and i start to forget the notes...
but once i look at my friends and family members there, i tell myself i nid to be confident and i have to make my childhood dream come true...HAHAHA...eventhough, it is a performance that less than 5 minutes, but for me that time are like 5 years! SWT... but once i finish the performance, i feel so happy...YIHAR!!! full of energy...

o.O Btw i haven't tell u guys wats the song title...

the title is beauty and the beast... i've only pratice for 1 proud of myself and thanks for coming guys!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


You may have thought I didn't see,
or that I hadn't heard,
Life lessons that you taught to me,
but i got every word.
Perhaps you thought I missed it all,
and that we'd grown apart,
But dad, I picked up everything,
It's written in my heart.
Without you, dad, I wouldn't be
the man I am today;
you built a strong foundation
No one can take it away.
I've grown up with all your values,
and I'm very glad I did;
so here's to you, dear father,
From your forever grateful child ( kelvin).

Its my honor to have You as my DAD!!