Monday, May 25, 2009

My sem break...

everyone are asking when am I gonna update my bloody blog... since i am so free rite now, so i'll do it rite now, at this time, this place, this day... XD
These is the last week of my sem break, going bek to kampar this coming sunday... hehe
This time I've used my sem break quite wisely...lolz why did I said so? because for the first week of my sem break i went to a motivation camp which located at semenyih named Borga i think...hehe
Me and University friends has spent 3 days 2 nights there... the games there were not bad, I hv the chance to play flying fox again, I've tried once when i am in NS.. bt this time was higher compared to the NS flying fox, my legs were shaking once I reached the top...lolz
and after that, I've tried the high rope, this part were killing me the most.. cuz I nid crossed many trees with some ropes on it... that was a disaster for me... but I've made it till the end...lolz
And once again the feeling is bek, team spirit and work together, I miss this feelings so much, and at the second i think of my LP... how we pass thru all the obstacles together and work together until the end...
And I've went out with my friends, it was so fun and happy going out with u guys...lolzz
especially spending a lunch with mok, evvone and johnathan... it was a funniest day I've ever had...lolzz besides that went karoake with penny, wendy it was really fun...talking non stop...
And I've went to my first friend's wedding dinner, once again congratulation to Irene and Sam.. wish both of u live happily ever after...
last night I went bek to AW, for the torch passing, I've never been there once i finished my LP, bt last night I went bek it was a different feeling inside me... went bek to the day when my LP are doing the torch passing... what happened that day are still clear stated in my mind...
My results are goin to release tomorrow, i am so nervous and scare... but I keep telling myself I've done my very best in the examination with no regrets... so wish me luck..hehe
Goin to murni with my friends tomorrow, I wonder y we like murni so much...lolz
then goin to nuizhesui on fri... whoo hoo!!!
C ya! Chaozz

Monday, May 4, 2009

memorable concert!!

Final exams started last week, but tell u wat, i still have time for concert.. =P actually I got the news that Lee Hom are going to have a concert in Malaysia, and then I thinked for a while, then on that time yi ching are sitting next to me, then i asked her: Eh u wanna go for lee hom concert anot? and she replied: ok wo, let me ask Aaron c whether he wanna go anot? then this conversations, give us an intention to watched his concert on 2nd May 2009... in halfway on the exams... lolz
so on saturday morning, i fetch them down to KL wit my little kancil..hehe... all the way we listening to lee hom songs.. and start to learnt his songs, for the little preparation b4 concert...HAHA only then i realized that i am not so his fan, some songs i dun even noe wats the song title... SWT... we reach KL quite early, then i brought them to my hse, shower and have lunch at macdonald near my hse..
Then after the lunch we start our journey to Asia Jaya, waiting for my buddy and Johnathan to arrived, because he is gonna fetched us to Bukit Jalil... the concert starts at 8pm, bt we reach Bukit Jalil 6 sumthing i think.. then we walked around... and cuz johnathan and some of my friends havent take thier so called lunch, and they start to searching for foods..lolz
After that, we went in to the stadium, and waiting lee hom to appeared on the stage... we sitted quite far from the stage, luckily there are having 3 big we can watched the screen, juz like how the ppl sitting at the mamak and watching football match at the big white screen, but the different are we were watching concert not match...
Then 8pm, lee hom are not on the stage yet, me and aaron start to asking for refund..LOLz
finally the stage gone dark and the lights has turn off, OMG someone are appearing on the stage, everyone were screming LEE HOM LEE HOM!!! but mana tau danell lee was standing there, and start to sing...lolz I was thinking did i get in to the wrong concert... wahahaha
then after the his song another gurl on the stage again, and sing LALALA... BLA BLA
sharp 8.30pm lee hom finally appeared on the stage, his start the opening with 摇滚怎么了!! the environment are not hot yet... still abit cold, hehe... the second song onwards, all of us start to sing and scream... the concert was great and actually Lee Hom is a quite funny person..and he has a sense of humor too..lolz
At last but not least, his guitar was killing me man... it was so so so so gorgeous and special and yeng and geng and as handsome as him... lolz the songs arrangment was great, unbeatable... but juz it is too short, 2 and half hour only... but overall was great and memorable...