Friday, October 24, 2008

What is missing?

Wats the problem by sharing and expressing out the feeling? we cry because we are sad, we laugh when we are happy, thats human beings. What is the point by hiding our own feeling and suffer ourself.
Just let the damn image down from the face, and just be who u are.
human will never change, which is so true. But what can we do it's just realize it and make a different in our life.
There are many people out there, who are satisfied with their career, relationship or many other things, but there are still some people never satisfied with their life.
Its very simple just rate ur life from 1 to 10, how much will u rate ur life?
if u rated 8 so why don't u wanna reach 10? What is stopping us to reach there?
And once I asked this question to many people, they will said my life is good
I'm satisfied with it, happy by living in this life and doing the same thing all the time.
but honestly is that what u really wan, or maybe u are just too ego and self center, perhaps u do not want people to know ur weekness.
If i can make a stand in other people, i will definitely do it, and make stand in myself as well, to make the world a better place.