Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a note with 16 random truths (shortcomings, facts, habits or goals about you) about you. At the end choose 10 people, and tag them. Try to include the person that tagged you so they can come back and see your answers!

1. I am not such a loving and caring person, seriously last time... but now i am! lolz

2. I am having a really good family and friends who will always care for me.

3. My mom past away when i was 7

4. I wanna be someone that are useful and can make decision by my own.

5. I won't do things that will hurt my family.

6. OK i cut my friend's hair before.

7. I wanna know more about my self and doing things differently rite now.

8. I like to watch movie alone.

9. I like to sleep alone.

10. I wanna b a friend can count on and trust by my friends.

11. I am learning to give unconditional love to people around me.

12. I am a horny person too.

13. I wanna hang out with my friends often and go holiday with them.

14. I talk too much, and sometimes don't listen to other ppl.

15. I wanna b muscular.

16. I hate my eyebags.

finally i am done, this is my first tag thingy.

be strong on ur stand

One day u wake up and realize that, things that u having are not the same anymore,
what are u gonna do? simple when u wake up one day, u are all by ur own, u are alone without anyone beside u.
sometimes I will feel really tired, I've made a stand so strong, bt in the end it will juz
flew away like that, juz like wind. but i will never give up! things will change when u make a different I believe in this. the most important thing is u go 100%, and the return are really doesn't a matter to me.
time goes by every minute every second, but somehow i don't really realize, last time i dun really take time in my life seriously. Juz let it go like tat, but now everyday i am doing things differently, full of challenges.
My LP journey its already halfway to the end, until now I've already enrolled two of my best friends to join this coming basic. i am so happy at the moment when they got enroll, cuz i know no longer from now, they might facing the same things that i am facing rite now. So excited! the moment when i stood infront of them in their graduation, and say thank you to me, its the most precious things i've ever get. I know this might b the most difficult stand tat i've ever made, and in the middle i might faced many breakdowns, but once i think of the graduation and the thank you they gonna say, it will make me make this stand even stronger. In my tidy brain there are juz few words, which are I WANT THEM TO GO!!! friends juz listen here no matter what i won't give up on u guys... i'll support all of u!!!