Friday, March 27, 2009

my birthday!!

Hey everyone... today is a very special day of me and my sister FOO POOI LENG.. cuz today is our birthday 28 march! and it is also the memorable birthday i ever had in my life... let's begin the story on 21 of march... on that day my lovely LPs asked for a makan makan gathering in TGI fridays!! i was so excited, because it is quite some times i never met them.. but they were still so loving and caring...especially my sayang - DIANE!! hehe!! sorry guys i was late that night!! and guess wat i saw my buddy, still that cute and loving... WENDY NG!! love ya!! after we finished our delicious meals... that the TGI staffs asked the march babies to satnd on the chair... and so we do!! wait let me tell all of u who is the march babies..hehe 1. wendy lee the charming lady 2. jonathan the lovely man i've ever met 3. sylvie the small bt strong lady 4. ken loo the torch receiver in LP121 5. wendy ng the drama queen bt the cutest in LP121 6. kelvin is me.. no special description!! and the instructions were ladies are gonna sing and the guys will nid to dance.. we do hv a great time there.. later they bring out the cupcakes... and it written MARCH BABIES on it... hehe it was delicious thanks guys!!! then this was my first celebration!!
Then on 26 of march... my beloved classmates had made me a party in my hse...lolz!!! it was fun all of us sit together and chit chatting... waiting for the rite time to come... and it was the time.. and they trun off my lights and start singing birthday song, i was stun and i sing along!! after the singing sessios, they start to poke the candle as deep as possible into the cake, i know wat is gonna happen... my face will definitely end on the cake.. haha.. it does! great my face was full of cream... but it was happy!! =p thanks guys i appreciate it!! and one more thing i've received my frist condom gift in my life... thanks pearly!! u are so lovely and considerate!! and this was my second celebration!
and in the same date bt slighty late, my lovely hsemates and my best friend yee ying, tien yi and wei yung, celebrate with me in GHANY!! OH god my stomach was so full with cakes.. =P but i love it... and i recieved my second condom gift.. great guys!! i hv plenty of it rite now, so no nid to worried abt me... lolz!! we chit chatting and talking bad abt someone, i bet u guys who is it!! HAHA... and this was my third birthday celebration!! and i like the mint cake anywhere, it was special!!

alright i think it should come to an end with this, it was last nite i am watching horror movie in my room, then suddenly i heard someone knocking on my door, and i opened it... PUA YEE YING appear infront of my room, with allen and ken.. yee ying was holding a slide of cake with a candle on it... i was so shocked.. cuz i didn't aspect it!! thanks yee ying, love you!! best friend ever!! lolz...
and this time it was a shirt not a condom as present.. thanks i love it so much!!
and i would gonna celebrate with my sister and grandpa tonight... n i want to give my sister a memorable birthday too... chaozz
LASTLY, i would like to thank all of u!! i really appreciate it... i would like to give credits to the whole LP 121, my T7 classmates, my hsemates and my best friendsss!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


it's been quite some times i never update my is so busy recently...with all my assingments, tests and presentation. I am having a test tomorrow, Information System so called IS...luckily is all in objectives. I've settle two assignments, one more to go.. and the due date are this coming friday..
It has so many things need to be settle. until now i am still practicing 100% is possible, 100% of the time.. I wanna go back to KL, to buy a new phone..cuz my phone cacat ad... once someone call in, it will run out of battery. stupid phone! but i like this phone so much... it is nokia 6288.. I bought it 2 years ago... it is such a nice phone tat time, 2 megapixels, the sounds were nice and clear..but why, why, why??? monday is public holiday... wat should I do? I nid to plan sumthing on.. to avoid the boringness.... HAHA!!
MISSING MY FRIENDS AND LPs so much... I am goin bek guys... wait me on 21 of march!!!