Wednesday, April 25, 2012


hmm.. i always ask myself, am i juz too bad or am i just not good enough? wat i do always doesn't meet your requirements. but i just follow what you told me to do. just got a feedback from you today, and it is quite hurt deep inside me. but i will always take this a lesson, everyone learn from lesson right. when there are mistakes, there are space to improve. Am i just slow learner,i hv work for almost 9 months now, and i still do mistakes sometimes. my superior treat me like a trainee, watever i do she wants to read thru first, only allow me to send it out. and she rather ask my coll bek to help her, instead of calling me bek, and i am just in Genting, but my coll is at penang. WTH.... ok i have enough of these. i am jus too afraid and tend to think too much when doing something. tomorrow onwards i am going change, a whole new me.. doing things logically, more details, voice up to sumthing that i think is not right, be brave. they are just human.. Ordinary Human Being like me and u.. nothing special about them, oh there is sumthing different in them, they have more experiences than me.. so wat!!! STILL HUMAN... NEH NEH NEH.. i dun believe with my brain and thought will not be as capable as her.. screw her man!! she is my superior so wat.. i dun care, i will just do my job, being who i am.. btw i really need to thanks her for teaching me so many things, but she is like putting another her in me, please i have my way of doing things and u have ur own.. i am not u... look at the mirror we are different. maybe u are way too confident sometimes and speak like some "people". i will bear with it, because that is u... but i will work in my own way. u like it or not, i am not going to be u!! Dumb ASS... ok i am better rite now.. say hello to new me tomorrow!! ya bitch!!!

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